The Kienzler Lab is broadly interested in using light to induce reversible chemical changes, and we specialize in the application of photoswitches to make light-modulated tools. Our current projects focus on creating and applying azobenzene ligands targeted toward specific cell-membrane bound protein receptors and ion channels. A parallel interest in the group is using organic synthesis to make new azobenzene derivatives (along with other organic photoswitches) with prescribed photochemical properties.

Kienzler Lab News

  • Science with the Palty Lab
    A visit to the Palty lab at the Technion in Israel was possible through our joint NSF/BSF grant. Anwesha finally had a chance to meet and talk science with graduate students in the Palty lab. Here, Maya is showing Anwesha how she tests her CRAC channel photoswitch inhibitors.
  • Visiting the Sandoz lab
    A big thank you to Guillaume Sandoz and his lab at the University of Nice (Institute de Biologie Valrose) for hosting Dr. Kienzler and showing off so much cutting edge science. Here, graduate student Arnaud is showing Prof. Kienzler how he records electrophysiology traces while photoswitching one of our compounds.